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Over $9.2 million in federal funding to focus on worker health, safety projects in animal agriculture

Mariana Kikuti

Kikuti received the award for her work on porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS).

ASF delegation

UMN, international partners fight swine disease and strengthen trade

A sow lies with multiple piglets

New CVM research finds vaccines decrease the risk of influenza virus reassortment in pigs

Jared Young

CVM graduate student Jared Young will use an upcoming fellowship to unravel clues that could combat respiratory illness 

Ora the pig

Ora the pig defies the odds and recovers from near-fatal burns suffered in a barn fire

Lauren Ienello

Ienello was selected as the winner of the large animal division. 

DVM student Leyton Becker poses with a red calf.
Issue: Fall 2021

Addressing veterinary care shortages in rural areas is more complicated than a lack of students to fill empty roles