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Dr. Maria Pieters holds the 2024 Distinguished Service Award.

The award recognizes her dedicated involvement with the Miracle of Birth Center at the Minnesota State Fair

A group of presenters

Nakarin Pamornchainavakul and Julia Baker placed second and third respectively at the International Conference of Swine Viral Diseases.

Miranda Medrano

CVM graduate student Miranda Medrano places 2nd in UMN Three Minute Thesis competition

Miranda Medrano
Issue: Fall 2023

Medrano's thesis focuses on investigating how non-traditional pig farms in Minnesota deal with disease and health issues.

Virtual reality exercise

History of innovative teaching approaches at CVM elevates current and future student learning experiences

DNA strand

CVM researchers are using banks of genetic data to drive the next frontier of veterinary medicine

Driven to discover banner

CVM researchers’ decades of dedicated work has and continues to unravel the mysteries behind genetic diseases across numerous species

Brown calf

Addressing veterinary care shortages in rural areas is more complicated than a lack of students to fill empty roles