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Carol Cardona

Cardona is a national leader in Extension programming targeted to both the Minnesota poultry industry and producers

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Over $9.2 million in federal funding to focus on worker health, safety projects in animal agriculture

Four people in white lab coats stand in a group.
Issue: Fall 2021

College of Veterinary Medicine researchers are gaining a better understanding of the genetics of Salmonella in an effort to get ahead of outbreaks

DVM student Leyton Becker poses with a red calf.
Issue: Fall 2021

Addressing veterinary care shortages in rural areas is more complicated than a lack of students to fill empty roles

Rahul Kumar
Issue: Fall 2021

CVM graduate student explores solution for preventing reovirus infection in turkeys

Poultry professional in a turkey facility
Issue: Fall 2021

A new certificate program aimed at poultry professionals and students launched this fall through the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. 

A Veterinary Diagnostic Lab technician compares salmonella samples.

Treating bacterial diseases is becoming increasingly difficult, but the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is facilitating more targeted treatments

Issue: Fall 2020

This fall a team of Minnesota educators began offering poultry training programs that provide multiple levels of education for aspiring or current poultry professionals.