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Gabby Kiesel kneels in a poultry barn

Poultry Health Certificate Program offers professionals a path for elevating their careers

Tim O'Brien

CVM researchers, University solve problems through a combination of science and entrepreneurship 

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CVM researchers’ decades of dedicated work has and continues to unravel the mysteries behind genetic diseases across numerous species

Brown calf

Addressing veterinary care shortages in rural areas is more complicated than a lack of students to fill empty roles

Mahesh Chandra Kumar

Kumar celebrated for work in poultry medicine and disease research

John Deen, Laura Molgaard, and Carol Cardona
Issue: Fall 2022

CVM faculty explain looming threats to MN agriculture

Carol Cardona
Issue: Fall 2022

Cardona is a national leader in Extension programming targeted to both the Minnesota poultry industry and producers

UMASH logo
Issue: Fall 2022

Over $9.2 million in federal funding to focus on worker health, safety projects in animal agriculture