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An abstract image of lights, zoomed in so they look like overlapping dots.
Issue: Fall 2020

CVM researchers help clarify how contact network structure affects the pandemic's spread with a new app.

An illustration of a man in a HAZMAT suit spraying a hose
Issue: Fall 2020

How are CVM’s COVID-19 researchers navigating a more locked-down lifestyle?

Hinh Ly smiles at his wife, Yuying Liang, in their lab.
Issue: Fall 2020

A CVM power couple tackles COVID-19 and life together

A market in China

Exploring the wet wildlife markets of China

An illustration of people learning near a laptop

When CVM students and faculty adapt to remote learning, innovation is born

Three swine veterinarians observe a herd of swine in a facility.

Historically, many human health practices—vaccination, herd immunity, biosecurity and isolation, and fecal transplantation—were derived from animal agriculture.

A white jigsaw puzzle against a blue background with one piece missing, but nearby

A new initiative fills gaps created by COVID-19