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Zeus the horse in front of Leatherdale Equine Center
April 12, 2019

Lacy Dunsmore describes her three-year-old quarter horse, Zeus, as easygoing. “He puts up with anything you throw at him and never misses a beat.” 

Churchill examines Contessa the cat
April 10, 2019

Veterinary nutritionist Julie Churchill satiates the public’s craving for pet dietary health

Welsh ponies in a field
April 09, 2019

A team of researchers at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine have discovered a new potential culprit contributing to the development of equine metabolic syndrome in horses

Stephanie Goldschmidt, Chopper, and Jessica Lawrence
March 28, 2019

The Veterinary Medical Center’s dentistry service builds momentum through collaboration

Sooty the owl
March 26, 2019

When a Minnesota resident went to light a fire in her fireplace, the sound of a distressed bird in her chimney gave her pause. Suspecting the bird was an owl, she knew to call The Raptor Center (TRC) to perform a rescue.

Dean Kingrey, '52 DVM
March 26, 2019

Colleen and Tim Nornes’ hearts have always belonged to dogs and horses. The affinity began early on for Colleen, whose father, Dean Kingrey, ’52 DVM, was a veterinarian.

March 26, 2019

Recently, the Leatherdale Equine Center purchased a dynamic overground endoscope to diagnose upper respiratory diseases in athletic horses

Riley with owner John Monk
March 26, 2019

John and Carol Mork are busy people, but they knew the love a dog would bring to their home would outweigh the added responsibility.

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