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Levi, a brown and white foal

Trouble urinating leads to life-saving surgery for newborn foal 

Walter a Siamese cat

VMC fund helps rescued kitten get life-saving surgery

Horse grazing in pasture

Tips to keep horses healthy and prevent pasture-associated illness

Rajah and Pearl

Pair of rescued bulldogs treated for same heart defect with expert surgical care 

Mother dog cuddles her puppy

Minnesota Urolith Center discovery paves way for genetic testing and hereditary disease prevention in rare dog breed

Harry the bulldog

Study participants sought to continue research into English bulldogs’ early urinary stone development 

Magi and friend Otis in October of 2015

For a golden retriever with so much to give, a three- to six-month prognosis was not enough. So she hung on for another four years.

Zee inspects a blue ribbon

Veterinarians give a Labrador retriever a chance to compete, and the dog runs away with it!