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Alfie in the grass

Couple crosses an ocean of obstacles to seek treatment at CVM for dog’s aggressive brain tumor

Leinie the horse

Brush with death can’t slow down Arabian show horse

Reinder and his owner Kari Hill

Reinder the horse overcomes life-threatening foot injury with treatment from Piper Equine Hospital

A close-up shot of an orange tabby cat sleeping soundly.

What do cats and astronauts have in common? They’re both at risk for getting kidney stones.

Orton the bird
Issue: Fall 2020

In late July, a little “stardust” settled on the clinic as a celebrity made a visit. His name? Orton, the male breeding peregrine falcon from Rochester, Minnesota.

Issue: Fall 2020

Labrador receives a second chance to thrive following a historic cardiac procedure

A white and brown bull dog stands in a field of green grass with its pink tongue out
Issue: Fall 2020

Genetic data brings CVM researchers closer to targeted treatments for urinary stones in dogs—and humans.

Brown foal in a pasture
Issue: Fall 2020

Ryker made a full recovery in the NICU, just days after being born.

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