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Magi and friend Otis in October of 2015

For a golden retriever with so much to give, a three- to six-month prognosis was not enough. So she hung on for another four years.

Veterinarians give a Labrador retriever a chance to compete, and the dog runs away with it!

Dark skinned man wearing glasses, beanie, and sweater cradles a sleeping black and white pug

Pets are family. Navigating a pet’s end of life care can present some of the most difficult decisions of a person’s life, and veterinary social workers can help guide pet owners through them.

Gus sticking his tongue out

A dog undergoing cancer treatment jumps into the St. Croix to save a baby otter. Did we mention that Gus has only 3 legs? Amazing!

Merle Peterson holds a 6-month-old Vivian

How a ground-breaking procedure in one bulldog has saved the lives of three other dogs

Tier the Arabian horse

Duo of medical emergencies put the survival of a horse named Tier to the test

Ora the pig

Ora the pig defies the odds and recovers from near-fatal burns suffered in a barn fire

Lucy fecal donor

Contributions of canine fecal donor Lucy put the health of dozens of dogs back on track