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Violet + Ruby

A surprise brain cancer diagnosis left Violet the French bulldog’s family reeling. A clinical trial testing a new tumor treatment seeks to bring patients like her more quality months with their families. 

Hank and Finn

Hank and Finn are participating in a clinical trial that offers a new treatment option for canine patients with malignant melanoma

Jazz the black Lab
Issue: Fall 2023

Ground-breaking valve procedure opens the door for helping dogs with congenital heart conditions

Issue: Fall 2023

With recreational marijuana now legal in Minnesota, CVM expert explains impact on pet health and steps to take if you suspect your pet has ingested cannabis

Issue: Fall 2023

VMC cardiology team places 20 pacemakers a year to save the lives of pets

Dyson receives acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture treatment eases Dyson the Labrador’s arthritis symptoms 

Tim O'Brien

CVM researchers, University solve problems through a combination of science and entrepreneurship 

DNA strand

CVM researchers are using banks of genetic data to drive the next frontier of veterinary medicine