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Violet + Ruby

A surprise brain cancer diagnosis left Violet the French bulldog’s family reeling. A clinical trial testing a new tumor treatment seeks to bring patients like her more quality months with their families. 

Hank and Finn

Hank and Finn are participating in a clinical trial that offers a new treatment option for canine patients with malignant melanoma

Roger Faust

MNPRO student member Roger Faust wins two UMN awards for conservation research and outreach to tribal communities

Dr. Lauren Hughes

Hughes’ career goals include contributing to the equine veterinary profession as a clinician/scientist at an academic institution.

Manci Li, a graduate student in the Comparative and Molecular Biosciences program at the College of Veterinary Medicine, answers a question from an audience member.

Panel discusses opportunities and concerns surrounding ethical AI use in research


A clinical trial provides hope for Charlie—and for tomorrow’s hemangiosarcoma patients

Yuying Liang
Issue: Fall 2023

Liang has been a member of the CVM faculty for almost 12 years and specializes in host-pathogen interface biology.

Jenny Peterson
Issue: Fall 2023

Assistance dog training organization, Helping Paws, celebrates 35 years and its roots in CVM research initiatives