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Their own pets inspired two CVM researchers to develop a genetic test for a leading cause of hepatitis in dogs

A Veterinary Diagnostic Lab technician compares salmonella samples.

Treating bacterial diseases is becoming increasingly difficult, but the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is facilitating more targeted treatments


Epigenetics clarifies the good, bad, and the ugly of cannabidiol—and countless other drivers for health. 

Flirt sniffs the camera

How one research horse made her mark at the College of Veterinary Medicine and beyond

Pluhar, Olin, and Gidget_by Brady Willette

Physicians and scientists at the University of Minnesota have opened a new brain cancer clinical trial and have treated their first patient.

A close-up shot of an orange tabby cat sleeping soundly.

What do cats and astronauts have in common? They’re both at risk for getting kidney stones.

An abstract image of lights, zoomed in so they look like overlapping dots.

CVM researchers help clarify how contact network structure affects the pandemic's spread with a new app.

Horse outside

Researchers at the Trumble Lab at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine are making strides in two areas of equine health.