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Emma Leof Bollig, Dr. Amanda Beaudoin, and Dr. Jennifer Granick pose in front of bookcase

The College of Veterinary Medicine is filling the gap in national data on antibiotic use in dogs and cats, which will help veterinarians everywhere avoid increasing resistance to these important medications.

Standard poodle

Addison’s disease, an immune disorder that often goes undiagnosed, is newly diagnosed in thousands of humans and dogs each year. Veterinary researchers are taking important steps to develop new therapies for dogs.

Drs. Jason Bartz, Tiffany Wolf, Peter Larsen, Qi Yuan, Diana Karwan, and Marc Schwabenlander pose in front of woods.

In an effort to find and control chronic wasting disease, a University of Minnesota center is forging the path.

Global Food Ventures logo

The program promotes a broader and deeper understanding of the interconnected food systems

Lauren Ienello

Ienello was selected as the winner of the large animal division. 

Lauren Hughes stands with a horse

PhD candidate Lauren Hughes chosen as first recipient of equine research scholarship

Pluhar, Olin, and Gidget_by Brady Willette

Physicians and scientists at the University of Minnesota have opened a new brain cancer clinical trial and have treated their first patient.

An abstract image of lights, zoomed in so they look like overlapping dots.

CVM researchers help clarify how contact network structure affects the pandemic's spread with a new app.