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Lauren Hughes stands with a horse

PhD candidate Lauren Hughes chosen as first recipient of equine research scholarship

Four people in white lab coats stand in a group.
Issue: Fall 2021

College of Veterinary Medicine researchers are gaining a better understanding of the genetics of Salmonella in an effort to get ahead of outbreaks

Alex Bianco
Issue: Fall 2021

CVM seeks to shine spotlight on geriatric horse care and pain management 

Jennifer Granick and Davis Seelig next to a flow cytometer
Issue: Fall 2021

As diagnostic methods for lymphoma in dogs improve, a rethink of how treatment efficacy is measured

A dog in the CIC
Issue: Fall 2021

With more than $500K in new funding from the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Clinical Investigation Center is poised to grow capacity for clinical trials

Marissa Milstein
Issue: Fall 2021

Marissa Milstein wins Science in Seconds, fellow CVM PhD student Emily Pope earns People’s Choice award.

Rahul Kumar
Issue: Fall 2021

CVM graduate student explores solution for preventing reovirus infection in turkeys

Albert Canturri
Issue: Fall 2021

CVM graduate student designing better way to manage respiratory disease in swine