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Surgeons operating on a patient

Interventional radiology offers alternative to traditional surgery and opens new treatment avenues for patients

Female pioneers

First female CVM students broke down barriers and paved way for generations of veterinary leaders

Illustration of student in a red shirt sitting at a desk answering a headset

Veterinary students gain valuable communication skills as helpline call takers

A close-up shot of an orange tabby cat sleeping soundly.

What do cats and astronauts have in common? They’re both at risk for getting kidney stones.

Cat in Christmas tree

The holidays traditionally create a flurry of activity in stores and in homes as people prepare to celebrate with family and friends. As much cheer as new toys, baked goods, and decorations bring to the season, they also can pose a danger to pets if consumed. 

Frank, a French bulldog, sits on an exam table.

A day with the Emergency and Critical Care service in the Lewis Small Animal Hospital at the Veterinary Medical Center

Community medicine illustration

Outreach at the College of Veterinary Medicine is driven by students and focused on community.

Illustration for multicultural scholarship story

Funding from the Higher Education Multicultural Scholars Program helps support crucial viewpoints in veterinary medicine.