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The VMC's specialty services and the College's faculty are bolstered by these new exciting additions


Jim and Debbie Delker smile for the camera under the entryway to their new clinic, which is made of grey brick and wooden pillars. Jim has his left arm around Debbie.

How a family legacy of veterinary care led multiple CVM alumni to life in Alaska

Sarah Penn, Janice Parrow, Rosemary Klass, Amy Giannoble
Issue: Fall 2019

Veterinary technicians share their stories

Churchill examines Contessa the cat

Veterinary nutritionist Julie Churchill satiates the public’s craving for pet dietary health

Sandra Soucheray and her patient Reggie the pug
Issue: Fall 2018

Sandra Soucheray, ’02 DVM, can treat three dogs in just one hour. How? She drives across the Twin Cities to take pets at home.

Cows in a field
Issue: Fall 2018

Exploring the full landscape of veterinary medicine 

Wanda Gordon-Evans and the bypass machine
Issue: Fall 2018

Better, cheaper canine cardiac care right here

Kristin Snyder

Kristin Snyder, a veterinary student at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, has received a Howard Hughes Medical Research Fellows award for $43,000 funded by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund. She will use the award to study cancer immunotherapy.

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