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A clinical trial provides hope for Charlie—and for tomorrow’s hemangiosarcoma patients

Students observe dog

Pup Professors program brings together DVM students and volunteer dogs to practice exam skills

Jazz the black Lab
Issue: Fall 2023

Ground-breaking valve procedure opens the door for helping dogs with congenital heart conditions

Cathy, a community leader and activist (right), speaks with VeTouch students and staff about her cat’s recent appetite changes.
Issue: Fall 2023

Student-run community clinic gives back through free veterinary care

Jenny Peterson
Issue: Fall 2023

Assistance dog training organization, Helping Paws, celebrates 35 years and its roots in CVM research initiatives

Issue: Fall 2023

Veterinary nutrition service works its magic to help a dog overcome severe stomach issues

Issue: Fall 2023

With recreational marijuana now legal in Minnesota, CVM expert explains impact on pet health and steps to take if you suspect your pet has ingested cannabis

Issue: Fall 2023

VMC cardiology team places 20 pacemakers a year to save the lives of pets