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Sarah Penn, Janice Parrow, Rosemary Klass, Amy Giannoble
Issue: Fall 2019

Veterinary technicians share their stories

Horse in the LEC standing CT scan
Issue: Fall 2019

Donor support elevates diagnostic imaging technology at the Leatherdale Equine Center to match the level of care its equine experts deliver

Hardy Davidson
Issue: Fall 2019

Mary Austin says spending time with her miniature donkey, Hardy Davidson, melts her cares away. Austin adopted 15-year-old Hardy just under a year ago. The two became fast friends and even developed a greeting: Hardy welcomes Austin to his paddock with enthusiastic braying.

Kota (left)
Issue: Fall 2019

Thanks to the veterinarians at University of Minnesota's Leatherdale Equine Center (LEC), Kota was able to go home a week and a half after being admitted and was back to behaving like a normal, healthy foal.

A proposed regional veterinary program between South Dakota State University and the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine was approved by South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem in late March.

Zeus the horse in front of Leatherdale Equine Center

Lacy Dunsmore describes her three-year-old quarter horse, Zeus, as easygoing. “He puts up with anything you throw at him and never misses a beat.” 

Welsh ponies in a field

A team of researchers at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine have discovered a new potential culprit contributing to the development of equine metabolic syndrome in horses

Dean Kingrey, '52 DVM

Colleen and Tim Nornes’ hearts have always belonged to dogs and horses. The affinity began early on for Colleen, whose father, Dean Kingrey, ’52 DVM, was a veterinarian.

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