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Leinie the horse

Brush with death can’t slow down Arabian show horse

Lori Meehan's horses Maia and Breeze and her dog

New scholarship fund offers a helping hand for equine and large animal students

Whitney Cutrone

Whitney Cutrone, DVM, is the Piper Equine Hospital’s latest chief resident. Learn more about what inspired her to pursue veterinary medicine and what she loves about her job.

Reinder and his owner Kari Hill

Reinder the horse overcomes life-threatening foot injury with treatment from Piper Equine Hospital

Horse outside

Researchers at the Trumble Lab at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine are making strides in two areas of equine health.

Two students at the registration desk for the clinic

On a fall day for the past several years, around 30 students and staff members from the College of Veterinary Medicine have packed up a caravan of cars and made a 3.5-hour drive north to Hawley, Minn. There, the group converges with another set of volunteers headed by Sarah Lee, ’02 DVM, who owns Lee Veterinary Clinic and organizes an annual free castration clinic for horses.

Brown foal in a pasture
Issue: Fall 2020

Ryker made a full recovery in the NICU, just days after being born.

Lynn Hovda wears a red shirt while crossing her arms and leaning against a wall. She is blonde and smiling.

Lynn Hovda, ’85 DVM, ’83 BS, DACVIM, is dedicated to animal and human health, and to research excellence.

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