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CVM researchers’ decades of dedicated work has and continues to unravel the mysteries behind genetic diseases across numerous species

Lara Stephens-Brown with horse

CVM grads found mobile veterinary clinics to meet growing demand for services

Bunny stands in a stable

Young mare receives urgent care after incident leaves three legs injured, one limb cut to the bone

Connie Eshenko

Connie Eshenko’s passion for animal care and services spans three-decade career at VMC

Winter horse

Cold months mean horse owners should be wary of equine herpes spread

Levi, a brown and white foal
Issue: Fall 2022

Trouble urinating leads to life-saving surgery for newborn foal 

Horse grazing in pasture
Issue: Fall 2022

Tips to keep horses healthy and prevent pasture-associated illness

Sergio stands with Hercules the horse

Sergio Gonzales cares and connects with patients, faculty, staff, and students through work as an animal care professional