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Cindy Piper

Cindy Piper builds a legacy of pushing what’s possible 

Whitney Waldsmith

Dr. Whitney Waldsmith travels to Romania to help Ukrainian refugees take their pets with them as they make a perilous journey.

A cat is examed

Vet students gain hands-on experience abroad helping animal welfare organization

Drs. Jason Bartz, Tiffany Wolf, Peter Larsen, Qi Yuan, Diana Karwan, and Marc Schwabenlander pose in front of woods.

In an effort to find and control chronic wasting disease, a University of Minnesota center is forging the path.

Equine staff perform a dental exam
Issue: Fall 2021

Improving the lives of animals—and people—inspires one CVM donor’s passion for giving

Awesiinayag are loved sign
Issue: Fall 2021

Awesiinyag are Loved, veterinary students partner to create animal care newsletters

A dog in the CIC
Issue: Fall 2021

With more than $500K in new funding from the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Clinical Investigation Center is poised to grow capacity for clinical trials

Surgeons operating on a patient

Interventional radiology offers alternative to traditional surgery and opens new treatment avenues for patients