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Surgeons operating on a patient

Interventional radiology offers alternative to traditional surgery and opens new treatment avenues for patients

Dog with food bag in its mouth

SIRVS food drive collects more than 2,000 pounds of donations.

A Veterinary Diagnostic Lab technician compares salmonella samples.

Treating bacterial diseases is becoming increasingly difficult, but the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is facilitating more targeted treatments

Jeff Gaver headshot

Alumnus Jeff Gaver encourages medical providers to help their community beyond exam room walls. 

Frank, a French bulldog, sits on an exam table.

A day with the Emergency and Critical Care service in the Lewis Small Animal Hospital at the Veterinary Medical Center

Community medicine illustration

Outreach at the College of Veterinary Medicine is driven by students and focused on community.

Penelope and her care team

When a good Samaritan found Penelope in ditch after being hit by a car, a team of specialists at the VMC met to examine Penelope and create a plan. A mere six days after her accident she was released from the hospital. 


Isabel was 12.5 years old when she started showing symptoms of acute blindness. Her owner took her to the Emergency and Critical Care Center at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Medical Center.