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Tara the schnauzer
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Staying on beat

VMC cardiology team places 20 pacemakers a year to save the lives of pets

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Jazz the black Lab
Issue: Fall 2023

Ground-breaking valve procedure opens the door for helping dogs with congenital heart conditions

Peggy Root and Perle Zhitnitskiy
Issue: Fall 2023

Drs. Peggy Root and Perle Zhitnitskiy named founding members of new veterinary educator credential process

Dr. Vic Cox
Issue: Fall 2023

Longtime CVM professor Dr. Vic Cox remembered as a dedicated instructor and researcher

Cathy, a community leader and activist (right), speaks with VeTouch students and staff about her cat’s recent appetite changes.
Issue: Fall 2023

Student-run community clinic gives back through free veterinary care

Henry the thoroughbred
Issue: Fall 2023

Henry the horse defies fate and bucks a typically fatal gastrointestinal diagnosis

Yuying Liang
Issue: Fall 2023

Liang has been a member of the CVM faculty for almost 12 years and specializes in host-pathogen interface biology.

Jenny Peterson
Issue: Fall 2023

Assistance dog training organization, Helping Paws, celebrates 35 years and its roots in CVM research initiatives

Miranda Medrano
Issue: Fall 2023

Medrano's thesis focuses on investigating how non-traditional pig farms in Minnesota deal with disease and health issues.