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Frank, a French bulldog, sits on an exam table.

A day with the Emergency and Critical Care service in the Lewis Small Animal Hospital at the Veterinary Medical Center

Illustration of Black Live Matter protesters

The murder of George Floyd and ensuing protests and riots have affected all of us, but particularly people of color within our community and those that were already displaced or otherwise experiencing systemic oppression.

Lynn Hovda wears a red shirt while crossing her arms and leaning against a wall. She is blonde and smiling.

Lynn Hovda, ’85 DVM, ’83 BS, DACVIM, is dedicated to animal and human health, and to research excellence.

A market in China

Exploring the wet wildlife markets of China

An illustration of people learning near a laptop

When CVM students and faculty adapt to remote learning, innovation is born

Three swine veterinarians observe a herd of swine in a facility.

Historically, many human health practices—vaccination, herd immunity, biosecurity and isolation, and fecal transplantation—were derived from animal agriculture.

A white jigsaw puzzle against a blue background with one piece missing, but nearby

A new initiative fills gaps created by COVID-19

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