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Alumni Updates

Alumni updates are submitted by your fellow alumni. Read what they are up to below or submit your own update.

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  • Katie Cornille, ’20 DVM, started a new position as supervisory public health veterinarian as USDA-FSIS in St. Cloud, Minn., in June 2020. 


  • Amanda Doran, '12 DVM, CHPV, recently finished CHPV certification with the IAAHPC. She also started a new branch of MN Pets, a Twin Cities based in-home euthanasia practice, servicing Duluth, Minn., Superior, Wis., and the surrounding area.

  • Carla Rodrigues, '13 DVM, released a book in December titled, Release Your Inner Beast, about her battle with endometriosis. Her book is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

  • Maggie Baldwin, '13 DVM, was recently named Colorado assistant state veterinarian. Baldwin will focus on emergency management and disease response activities, and overall management of division activities.

  • Debra Chen, ’17 DVM, started a new position as blog contributor at Wellnergy Pets in April 2020.

  • Meagan Abraham, ’18 DVM, started a new position as veterinarian at Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic in Lafayette, Ind., in March 2020. 


  • Brianna Gohman, ’19 DVM, started a new position as associate veterinarian at Equine Medical Center of Ocala in Ocala, Fla., in June 2020. 


  • Andres Diaz, '15 PhD, was recently promoted to technical operations manager at Pig Improvement Company .

  • Alicia Butler, '19 DVM, recently started a new position as associate veterinarian at Countryside Veterinary Clinic in May 2019.

    Issue: Fall 2019