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Wolf in the woods
Issue: Fall 2020

A team of researchers including Meggan Craft, PhD, assessed how group living, resource abundance, disease, seasonal changes, and human influence drive the spatial organization in territorial carnivores.

bees in a hive
Issue: Fall 2020

A team of researchers led by Declan Schroeder, PhD, published a study exploring similarities between pathogens found in worker bees and queens, and analyzing pathogen transmission from workers to queens.

Digital line graph stock photo

Earlier this year, The University of Minnesota Informatics Institutes out of the Office of the Vice President for Research announced 18 graduate fellowship recipients. Four of the 18 recipients are students in the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine’s graduate programs.


Illustration for multicultural scholarship story

Funding from the Higher Education Multicultural Scholars Program helps support crucial viewpoints in veterinary medicine.

Great horned baby owl

The Raptor Center returns a fallen juvenile great horned owl to its nest

Deer in the woods

 A team of University of Minnesota researchers developing a faster diagnostic reached a key milestone this winter — analyzing tissue samples from CWD-positive white-tailed deer and obtaining confirmation of protein-misfolding within just nine hours.

Sunil Kumar Mor with a penguin

Sunil Kumar Mor is forging new collaborations in an extreme setting to pursue novel advancements in molecular research.

Jim and Debbie Delker smile for the camera under the entryway to their new clinic, which is made of grey brick and wooden pillars. Jim has his left arm around Debbie.

How a family legacy of veterinary care led multiple CVM alumni to life in Alaska