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Students collecting samples in the woods
Issue: Fall 2019

A leading-edge mobile lab opens the door for discovery, education, and collaboration.

CWD Spotlight Science event at the Bell Museum
Issue: Fall 2019

Hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, researchers, and University of Minnesota leaders gathered at the Bell Museum in September for “Spotlight Science: Chronic Wasting Disease.”

Moose in the woods
Issue: Fall 2019

Researchers team up to save a symbolic species

Welcome to Minnesota sign
Issue: Fall 2019

The Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) recently provided $3.3 million to CVM researchers with the goal of funding projects that will “help maintain and enhance Minnesota’s environment and natural resources.”

Deer in the woods

Chronic Wasting Disease, a contagious, neurodegenerative disease, is moving quickly through our ecosystem and U of M researchers are collaborating to stop it in its tracks.

Tiffany Wolf

At the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), researchers pursue leading-edge practices and breakthroughs. Sometimes innovation lies in retooling tried-and-true methods

Eva Reinicke with some of her bees

Environmental issues are very important to Eva Reinicke, ’16 DVM. That’s why she became a honey bee veterinarian.

Irene Bueno Padilla

Postdoctoral associate Irene Bueno-Padilla improves vulture health in order to preserve ecosystem health around the globe

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