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TRC staff holds an owl

The Raptor Center’s impact is ever-expanding as its patient caseload, research, and outreach efforts continue to grow and evolve

Manci Li

PhD student Manci Li receives scholarship to present Alzheimer’s research at symposium

Tiffany Wolf

The award recognizes significant contributions to the recipient's field of work. 

Vets work on a giraffe

It takes a global team of clinicians to anesthetize and treat the world’s tallest animal

Drs. Jason Bartz, Tiffany Wolf, Peter Larsen, Qi Yuan, Diana Karwan, and Marc Schwabenlander pose in front of woods.

In an effort to find and control chronic wasting disease, a University of Minnesota center is forging the path.

Minnesota state capitol
Issue: Fall 2021

Minnesota legislators authorized nearly $3.7 million for eight veterinary-related research and education projects that will begin over the next two years.

Wolf in the woods
Issue: Fall 2020

A team of researchers including Meggan Craft, PhD, assessed how group living, resource abundance, disease, seasonal changes, and human influence drive the spatial organization in territorial carnivores.

bees in a hive
Issue: Fall 2020

A team of researchers led by Declan Schroeder, PhD, published a study exploring similarities between pathogens found in worker bees and queens, and analyzing pathogen transmission from workers to queens.