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The fight for Minnesota's Moose

Researchers team up to save a symbolic species

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Learn how our community has risen to the challenge of fighting this COVID-19.

Combatting COVID-19
CWD Spotlight Science event at the Bell Museum
Issue: Fall 2019

Hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, researchers, and University of Minnesota leaders gathered at the Bell Museum in September for “Spotlight Science: Chronic Wasting Disease.”

Trevor Ames
Issue: Fall 2019

As of August, Trevor Ames, DVM, MS, DACVIM, is now the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine's (CVM) former dean but also the associate vice president of Academic Health Sciences at the University of Minnesota.

Interim Dean Laura Molgaard
Issue: Fall 2019

Laura Molgaard, DVM, takes the helm as the College's interim dean

Moose in the woods
Issue: Fall 2019

Researchers team up to save a symbolic species

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