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The fight for Minnesota's Moose

Researchers team up to save a symbolic species

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Learn more about the Veterinary Medical Center's impact in fiscal year 2019.

VMC impact report
Sarah Penn, Janice Parrow, Rosemary Klass, Amy Giannoble
Issue: Fall 2019

Veterinary technicians share their stories

Students collecting samples in the woods
Issue: Fall 2019

A leading-edge mobile lab opens the door for discovery, education, and collaboration.

Horse in the LEC standing CT scan
Issue: Fall 2019

Donor support elevates diagnostic imaging technology at the Leatherdale Equine Center to match the level of care its equine experts deliver

Annette Ahlmann with snowy owl
Issue: Fall 2019

Generosity strengthens The Raptor Center’s high-quality intensive care medicine with new lifesaving equipment

Hardy Davidson
Issue: Fall 2019

Mary Austin says spending time with her miniature donkey, Hardy Davidson, melts her cares away. Austin adopted 15-year-old Hardy just under a year ago. The two became fast friends and even developed a greeting: Hardy welcomes Austin to his paddock with enthusiastic braying.

Kota (left)
Issue: Fall 2019

Thanks to the veterinarians at University of Minnesota's Leatherdale Equine Center (LEC), Kota was able to go home a week and a half after being admitted and was back to behaving like a normal, healthy foal.

Issue: Fall 2019

In July 2018, Annette Hakala began fostering a sweet female pit bull mix who was full of surprises—four, to be exact.

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