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CVM shines at 2024 MVMA Annual Meeting

  • CVM scholarship winners pose for a photo

    CVM shines at 2024 MVMA Annual Meeting

    Speakers sessions, awards, and scholarships were highlights of the event

    College of Veterinary Medicine graduate and DVM students honored as Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation scholarship recipients pose for a photo onstage.

The 2024 Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association’s (MVMA) Annual Meeting brought together members of the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) community and beyond for four days of learning, connection, and recognition.

The event was held in conjunction with the Minnesota Association of Veterinary Technicians Annual Convention in downtown Minneapolis from Feb. 7–10.

CVM Dean Dr. Laura Molgaard updated MVMA members on how the College continues to serve the profession, including increasing interest in veterinary medicine among prospective students, offering specialty services, and raising awareness about the ongoing veterinary care shortage and its work to lessen the shortage’s impact.

“Interest in our veterinary program continues to grow. Last fall, we set a new record of over 1,500 applications from prospective students,” Molgaard says. “This past year, we completed a three-year strategic plan that seeks to strengthen our College, so that we can thrive in the future, more competitive environment we face. We are investing in our people, strengthening our infrastructure, and renewing our partnerships.”

College of Veterinary Medicine Dean Dr. Laura Molgaard speaks during the 2024 Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association Annual Meeting. Photo by Brandi Rupard.

CVM clinicians and technicians also shared their expertise and research with peers in 30-plus speaker sessions. Among them were more than a dozen experts in neurology, cardiology, emergency and critical care, food animal medicine, and clinical research.

Two CVM faculty members and two alumni were recognized at the meeting’s award ceremony.

  • Dr. Maria Pieters received the 2024 Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes individuals who have performed outstanding service to the veterinary profession and have contributed to the well-being of animals. Read more.
  • Dr. Jennifer Granick was named 2024 Outstanding Faculty of the Year. The award is presented to a CVM faculty member who provides outstanding service to Minnesota veterinarians, gives of their time and talent to the veterinary profession, is a leader who makes a difference to the profession, and is a dedicated contributor to organized veterinary medicine. Read more
  • Dr. Abigail Maynard, ’17 DVM, received the Emerging Leader award. This award is given to MVMA members who have graduated from veterinary school within the past 10 years, have demonstrated achievement and leadership through veterinary community involvement, and actively engaged with others in the profession. Read more.
  • Dr. Nikko Grossapoulos, ’15 DVM, was named the 2024 Outstanding Industry Representative. The recognized individuals who have provided exceptional service to Minnesota veterinarians and promote the profession through liaisons with the MVMA, veterinarians, and the profession in general. Read more. 

Twenty-four DVM and graduate students and a CVM alumna also were recognized as winners of MVMA scholarships totaling nearly $170,000. View a full list of recipients here

The CVM Alumni and Friends Society hosted a reception for alumni, faculty, current students, and friends to reunite with familiar faces and meet new ones. Among the celebrants was the Class of 1994, whose members marked 30 years since their veterinary school graduation.

MVMA members gather for the conference's annual business meeting.

Dr. Susan Arnold, an assistant professor at CVM, speaks during one of several sessions she led during MVMA.

American Veterinary Medical Association President Dr. Rena Carlson address MVMA members during the business meeting.

CVM staff and faculty engaged with conference attendees throughout the event at the College's booth.

Veterinary Medical Center technician Siri Rea gives a presentation on "Anesthesia Consideration in Brachycephalic Patients." 

Dr. Angela Gwynn, an assistant professor at CVM, delivers one of several cytology and hematology talks she gave at MVMA.

Students from the Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine at South Dakota State University—a partnership between SDSU and CVM—attend the CVM Reception at MVMA.

Dr. Ned Patterson, professor at CVM, updates MVMA members on the work of the organization's DEI Action Team.

Veterianry Medical Center technician Heather Holmgren walks session attendees through respiratory distress case studies.

Dr. Tasia Ludwik, assistant professor at CVM, takes audience members through care for urinary obstructions in her presentation, "The Critical Blocked Cat: How to Get Your Walk-In UO Safely to an ER."

Dr. Jaime Modiano presents a session focused on using liquid biopsies for cancer detection.

Elizabeth Martinez-Podolsky (second from left) speaks during a discussion panel entitled, "DEI in Veterianry Medicine: Where are we now and what's on the horizon?"

Dr. Caitlin Feiock, an assistant professor at CVM, presents "Reframing Clinical Trials from Academia to Everyday Practice."

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