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Brown calf

Addressing veterinary care shortages in rural areas is more complicated than a lack of students to fill empty roles

Anatomy class

Gross anatomy instruction at CVM holds a history of innovation


Elizabeth Martinez-Podolsky

CVM’s first DEI director uses conversation and collaboration to guide current and future diversity initiatives

Scholarship winners

Conference puts spotlight on years of CVM leadership in improving access to veterinary care

Bee Hanlon

First female CVM students broke down barriers and paved the way for generations of veterinary leaders

Dr. Liz Pluhar

Years of research collaboration produces successful therapies for brain cancer in dogs and lays foundation for human treatment

Socrates the dachshund

Cataract surgery restores vision and joy to life of miniature dachshund

Bunny stands in a stable

Young mare receives urgent care after incident leaves three legs injured, one limb cut to the bone