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Toy Manchester terrier

UMN research uncovers gene linked to sudden cardiac death in puppies of two terrier breeds

Jody Lulich

The UMN Academies for Excellence recognizes outstanding faculty in the areas of scientific research, educational scholarship, clinical practice, and team science. 

Emma Leof Bollig, Dr. Amanda Beaudoin, and Dr. Jennifer Granick pose in front of bookcase

The College of Veterinary Medicine is filling the gap in national data on antibiotic use in dogs and cats, which will help veterinarians everywhere avoid increasing resistance to these important medications.

Merle Peterson holds a 6-month-old Vivian

How a ground-breaking procedure in one bulldog has saved the lives of three other dogs

Lucy fecal donor

Contributions of canine fecal donor Lucy put the health of dozens of dogs back on track

Issue: Fall 2021

Noninvasive procedure puts the pep back into Russell the Yorkie’s step


Their own pets inspired two CVM researchers to develop a genetic test for a leading cause of hepatitis in dogs