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Peter Larsen awarded UMN McKnight Presidential Fellowship

  • Peter Larsen holds a tool in his lab.

    Peter Larsen awarded UMN McKnight Presidential Fellowship

In recognition of his exemplary work at the College of Veterinary Medicine and its impact beyond campus, Associate Professor Peter Larsen is now a University of Minnesota McKnight Presidential Fellow.

The McKnight Presidential Fellows Program is a three-year award given to individuals who have been granted both tenure and promotion to associate professor in an academic year and who have exhibited excellence in research and scholarship, leadership, potential to build top-tier programs, and ability to advance UMN priorities.

“Dr. Larsen’s unwavering dedication to research, teaching, mentorship, and service makes him

a genuine asset to the College of Veterinary Medicine and the University of Minnesota, undeniably deserving this prestigious honor,” Kent Reed, chair of the Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, wrote in a nomination letter.  

Larsen is a molecular biologist who leads an interdisciplinary research team spanning several colleges and departments across the University. He is co-director of the Minnesota Center for Prion Research and Outreach and has spearheaded an effort to develop new diagnostic tools for animal and human prion diseases, particularly in regard to chronic wasting disease. 

His research primarily focuses on prion diagnostics, tick-borne pathogen surveillance, and human neurodegenerative diseases, with nearly 70 peer-reviewed publications and several patents for tools developed as part of this research. These tools can detect biomarkers for several neurodegenerative diseases and are being deployed in the field for real-time species discovery and pathogen surveillance.

Whether in the lab or out in the field, Larsen is committed to advancing his field and inspiring others to do the same, offering mentorship and guidance to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and undergraduate students. 

“Larsen’s passion for sharing knowledge shines through in his enthusiastic delivery and exceptional organization of materials in his varied teaching roles,” Reed wrote.

Larsen was one of nine UMN associate professors chosen in 2024 for the McKnight fellowship.

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