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Hattie the French bulldog

Cross-hospital collaboration helps a young French bulldog overcome a barrage of severe gastrointestinal problems that nearly turned deadly

Lola the black Lab runs through the snow

Surgical implant gets Labrador back her feet after being hit by a car

Dr. Liz Pluhar

Years of research collaboration produces successful therapies for brain cancer in dogs and lays foundation for human treatment

Turtle the cat sits on a chair

Curious cat requires emergency surgery after swallowing an earplug

Zee inspects a blue ribbon

Veterinarians give a Labrador retriever a chance to compete, and the dog runs away with it!

Stella and Rocco
Issue: Fall 2021

Rescue dog makes the best of her new three-legged life

Issue: Fall 2019

For 20-plus years, the Cassidys have entrusted their care to the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine’s (CVM) Veterinary Medical Center (VMC).