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A light in the dark

  • The foal stands next to his mother in a blue jacket

    A light in the dark

    A healthy foal is born at Leatherdale Equine Center

As Minnesota’s winter finally rolled into spring, new life formed all around, despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic. One such example was a beautiful new foal, Quarantena Bambino, born at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine’s (CVM) Leatherdale Equine Center. 

On March 10, the foal’s mother, Bella Notte, was admitted to Leatherdale in anticipation of giving birth. Just over two weeks later, Bella Notte delivered her Midshipman colt, Quarantena Bambino. 

Quarantena Bambino means Quarantine Baby, was named in honor of his mother’s Italian name Bella Notte, which means Beautiful Night.

It’s obvious that Bambino got lots of love from the U of M staff in his first days.

Kay King

“It’s obvious that Bambino got lots of love from the U of M staff in his first days,” said owner Kay King, in a recent Facebook post. “He’s very friendly and there is nothing quite as soft as a newborn foal.”

Kay’s husband, John King, ’89 DVM, preemptively brought Bella into Leatherdale, given a difficult birth Bella experienced in 2019, which resulted in her losing her foal. John and the couple’s daughter, Maggie King, a second year veterinary student at the CVM, suspected this case could be a great learning opportunity for DVM students. That is, until distanced learning took effect. 

Nonetheless, Scott Madill, BVSc, DVSc, DACT, assistant professor in the Department of Veterinary Population Medicine; Anna Firshman, BVSC, PhD, associate clinical professor in the Department of Population Medicine; Large Animal Internal Medicine Resident Lauren Hughes, DVM; and Large Animal Internal Medicine Intern Erin Elder, DVM collaborated on Bella’s care. The team successfully brought Bambino into this world on March 29. Bella left the LEC with a healthy foal on April 2. 

“After last year, where Bella’s foal was revived and then developed problem after problem that took both the Kings and all the staff here on an emotional rollercoaster, it was so rewarding that this time around Bella and Bambino did everything right,” Madill says. “It brightened the mood of our whole hospital team and was wonderful to get such a great outcome for the King family.”   

Says Kay: “The future is looking very sweet!”