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Carolyn Bernhardt

Labrador Retriever
Issue: Fall 2020

Michael Conzemius, DVM, PhD, DACVS recently collaborated on a study to determine the extent to which CCLR is associated with genetics in this breed.

bees in a hive
Issue: Fall 2020

A team of researchers led by Declan Schroeder, PhD, published a study exploring similarities between pathogens found in worker bees and queens, and analyzing pathogen transmission from workers to queens.

An illustration of a man in a HAZMAT suit spraying a hose
Issue: Fall 2020

How are CVM’s COVID-19 researchers navigating a more locked-down lifestyle?

Hinh Ly smiles at his wife, Yuying Liang, in their lab.

A CVM power couple tackles COVID-19 and life together

A holstein dairy cow looks at the camera
Issue: Fall 2020

CVM researchers help Minnesota producers improve animal welfare and save money by cutting back on antibiotics.

An illustration of people learning near a laptop

When CVM students and faculty adapt to remote learning, innovation is born

A white jigsaw puzzle against a blue background with one piece missing, but nearby

A new initiative fills gaps created by COVID-19

A lightbulb made of paper against a chalkboard background.

Molly McCue, DVM, MS, PhD, associate dean of research at the CVM, becomes the director of the College's Comparative Medicine and Pathology Training Program T32 grant from the National Institutes of Health

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