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Carolyn Bernhardt

An illustration of people learning near a laptop

When CVM students and faculty adapt to remote learning, innovation is born

A white jigsaw puzzle against a blue background with one piece missing, but nearby

A new initiative fills gaps created by COVID-19

A lightbulb made of paper against a chalkboard background.

Molly McCue, DVM, MS, PhD, associate dean of research at the CVM, becomes the director of the College's Comparative Medicine and Pathology Training Program T32 grant from the National Institutes of Health

The foal stands in a blue jacket next to his mother.

A healthy foal is born at Leatherdale Equine Center


Franny with her owners and veterinarian

Franny was experiencing severe deformity in both of her front legs from inflammatory arthritis. Now, Franny is on the move.


CVM researchers, clinicians, and staff volunteer time and tools to combat COVID-19.

Illustration for multicultural scholarship story

Funding from the Higher Education Multicultural Scholars Program helps support crucial viewpoints in veterinary medicine.

COVID-19 virus illustration

The CVM seeks solutions for COVID-19

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