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Honoring excellence

  • Cathy Carlson, Alonso Guedes, Eva Furrow, and Tracy Hill

    Honoring excellence

    Drs. Eva Furrow and Alonso Guedes receive faculty awards at 2023 CVM Research Day

    Left to right: Drs. Cathy Carlson, Alonso Guedes, Eva Furrow, and Tracy Hill

Two College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) faculty members were recognized for their excellence in research at the annual Research Day celebration on April 6. 

Dr. Eva Furrow, an associate professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences and co-director of the Minnesota Urolith Center, received the 2023 Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence. The award recognizes researchers whose innovative studies have advanced the scientific standing of veterinary medicine.

Over the last eight years, Furrow has grown her research program and her cross-disciplinary collaborations in genetic determinants of canine and human disease. Her research lab has discovered seven inherited canine diseases. Furrow’s research benefits not only the veterinary patients she serves but also translates to human patients.   

“Eva is truly an inspiration,” says Dr. Tracy Hill, who presented Furrow with the award and, along with Dr. Jennifer Grannick, nominated her. “Her passion for teaching, her passion for clinical excellence, and her passion for research are apparent in all aspects of what she does.” 

Dr. Alonso Guedes also received accolades at Research Day. He was awarded the 2023 Mark of Excellence, which recognizes faculty members who generate new knowledge related to the veterinary profession that has been shared with others through means such as publication or presentation at a scientific meeting. The annual award rotates among the College’s three departments. 

Guedes is an associate professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. He has proven himself to be a valuable asset across research, service, and education missions. Guedes is highly regarded by his colleagues, students, and trainees. He is dedicated to the development of new therapies for treating chronic pain, particularly osteoarthritis.

“He is a terrific mentior to our students and provides the best quality of clinical care,” says Dr. Cathy Carlson, who nominated Guedes and presented him with the award. “He is collegial, helpful, and generous. This isn’t a mentorship or citizenship award, but if it were he would also be a contender.”

CVM Research Day is an annual event celebrating the College’s research through the voices of trainees while honoring faculty, research partners and alumni who contribute to its research mission. Click here for more coverage.