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Magi and friend Otis in October of 2015

For a golden retriever with so much to give, a three- to six-month prognosis was not enough. So she hung on for another four years.

Emma Leof Bollig, Dr. Amanda Beaudoin, and Dr. Jennifer Granick pose in front of bookcase

The College of Veterinary Medicine is filling the gap in national data on antibiotic use in dogs and cats, which will help veterinarians everywhere avoid increasing resistance to these important medications.

Drs. Jason Bartz, Tiffany Wolf, Peter Larsen, Qi Yuan, Diana Karwan, and Marc Schwabenlander pose in front of woods.

In an effort to find and control chronic wasting disease, a University of Minnesota center is forging the path.

Four people in white lab coats stand in a group.
Issue: Fall 2021

College of Veterinary Medicine researchers are gaining a better understanding of the genetics of Salmonella in an effort to get ahead of outbreaks

Jennifer Granick and Davis Seelig next to a flow cytometer
Issue: Fall 2021

As diagnostic methods for lymphoma in dogs improve, a rethink of how treatment efficacy is measured

A dog in the CIC
Issue: Fall 2021

With more than $500K in new funding from the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Clinical Investigation Center is poised to grow capacity for clinical trials

Minnesota state capitol
Issue: Fall 2021

Minnesota legislators authorized nearly $3.7 million for eight veterinary-related research and education projects that will begin over the next two years.