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Rosemary Klass sings

Senior veterinary technician Rosemary Klass performs at UMN Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute Concert

John Deen, Laura Molgaard, and Carol Cardona
Issue: Fall 2022

CVM faculty explain looming threats to MN agriculture

Technician at terminal

New technology helps the Lewis Small Animal Hospital increase patient safety

Zee inspects a blue ribbon

Veterinarians give a Labrador retriever a chance to compete, and the dog runs away with it!

Keaton Morgan

Dr. Keaton Morgan selected as the first recipient of the Resident Award of Excellence

Sophia Schuder portrait

This soon-to-be veterinarian continues her record of winning accolades for her excellence.

Standard poodle

Addison’s disease, an immune disorder that often goes undiagnosed, is newly diagnosed in thousands of humans and dogs each year. Veterinary researchers are taking important steps to develop new therapies for dogs.

Gus sticking his tongue out

A dog undergoing cancer treatment jumps into the St. Croix to save a baby otter. Did we mention that Gus has only 3 legs? Amazing!