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Lachlan the corgi

Urinary stones spell trouble for Lachlan the corgi, but a noninvasive removal procedure puts him back on the mend

Riley the shih tzu

Researchers seek to understand role of the urinary microbiome in formation of uroliths

Emily Coffey
Issue: Fall 2022

CVM graduate student Emily Coffey wins St. Paul Sciences in Seconds, competes at UMN 3-Minute Thesis event

Levi, a brown and white foal
Issue: Fall 2022

Trouble urinating leads to life-saving surgery for newborn foal 

Mother dog cuddles her puppy
Issue: Fall 2022

Minnesota Urolith Center discovery paves way for genetic testing and hereditary disease prevention in rare dog breed

Harry the bulldog
Issue: Fall 2022

Study participants sought to continue research into English bulldogs’ early urinary stone development 

A close-up shot of an orange tabby cat sleeping soundly.

What do cats and astronauts have in common? They’re both at risk for getting kidney stones.