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Celebrating Dr. Betty Kramek

  • Dr. Kramek poses while holding a dog patient while standing next the owners

    Celebrating Dr. Betty Kramek

    After decades of excellent patient care and service as a teacher and mentor, Dr. Betty Kramek has retired.

With more than 40 years of service to the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine as a small animal surgeon, Dr. Betty Kramek has had a profound influence on an uncounted number of students, interns, residents, and faculty. Her dedication to patient care is unparalleled. 

Here is what clients and others on Facebook had to say about Kramek’s legacy:

Oscar the dog
"Oscar says you need to come over
and hang out now that you
are retired!!!"

“Terrific person and surgeon! Several of my pets have benefited from those amazing skills over the years. Thank you and best wishes.”

“Dr. Kramek performed LarPar on my 13 yr old Brittany. He had another quality 2 1/2 yrs. I remember her telling me how remarkable dogs were and how beautiful her sutures were. Best wishes for a wonderful retirement.”

“Oh, Dr. Betty finally did it!!! Super happy for her AND bummed for me. What an amazing surgeon and vet!”

“Enjoy your retirement. Thank you for helping one of my dogs back in 1994!”

Rusty the dog
“Best wishes… a great Dr. She
had a profound effect on our puppy
and gave RUSTY many years of
additional quality of life”

“Best wishes on your retirement Dr Kramek! Thank you for all you did for our Newfie, Horatio. He always loved coming to see you.”

“She saved my little girl, Maddie from a mast cell tumor that was in her ear canal. Gave me an additional 7 years with my doggie daughter! Bless you Dr. Kramek!”

“Thank you Dr. Betty Kramek! Loving it your holding Frannie, the neatest kindest sheltie ever. You improved her quality of life for many years”

Maggiemay the dog
“Betty gave us 10 more
years with our MaggieMay”

“Thank you Dr. Kramek for your mentoring of Dr. Blackford on Pixel's Pes Varus procedure a few years ago! Enjoy retirement!”

Congratulations on your retirement, Dr. Kramek!





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