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Rahul Kumar
Issue: Fall 2021

CVM graduate student explores solution for preventing reovirus infection in turkeys

Albert Canturri
Issue: Fall 2021

CVM graduate student designing better way to manage respiratory disease in swine


Their own pets inspired two CVM researchers to develop a genetic test for a leading cause of hepatitis in dogs

A Veterinary Diagnostic Lab technician compares salmonella samples.

Treating bacterial diseases is becoming increasingly difficult, but the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is facilitating more targeted treatments

A close-up shot of an orange tabby cat sleeping soundly.

What do cats and astronauts have in common? They’re both at risk for getting kidney stones.

A white and brown bull dog stands in a field of green grass with its pink tongue out
Issue: Fall 2020

Genetic data brings CVM researchers closer to targeted treatments for urinary stones in dogs—and humans.


CVM researchers, clinicians, and staff volunteer time and tools to combat COVID-19.

An illustration of Aric Frantz against a background of scientific equipment

Aric Frantz, ’14 DVM, ’13 PhD, shares insights on landing a career developing medicine in the private sector