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Beau races around a barrel

VMC Companion Animal Fund helps make expensive care feasible for horse diagnosed with colic

Tim O'Brien

CVM researchers, University solve problems through a combination of science and entrepreneurship 

DNA strand

CVM researchers are using banks of genetic data to drive the next frontier of veterinary medicine

Drs. Jaime Modiano and Antonella Borgatti pose with canine patient, Valky.

CVM collaboration with Masonic Cancer Center has advanced cancer research in animals and humans for decades

Toad the pit bull sits by flowers
Issue: Fall 2022

Rescued pit bull mix finds forever home after a life-changing surgery made possible by special fund

Walter a Siamese cat
Issue: Fall 2022

VMC fund helps rescued kitten get life-saving surgery

A sow lies with multiple piglets
Issue: Fall 2022

New CVM research finds vaccines decrease the risk of influenza virus reassortment in pigs

Cindy Piper

Cindy Piper builds a legacy of pushing what’s possible