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Toad the pit bull sits by flowers

Rescued pit bull mix finds forever home after a life-changing surgery made possible by special fund

Walter a Siamese cat
Issue: Fall 2022

VMC fund helps rescued kitten get life-saving surgery

A sow lies with multiple piglets
Issue: Fall 2022

New CVM research finds vaccines decrease the risk of influenza virus reassortment in pigs

Cindy Piper

Cindy Piper builds a legacy of pushing what’s possible 

Whitney Waldsmith

Dr. Whitney Waldsmith travels to Romania to help Ukrainian refugees take their pets with them as they make a perilous journey.

Jared Young

CVM graduate student Jared Young will use an upcoming fellowship to unravel clues that could combat respiratory illness 

A cat is examed

Vet students gain hands-on experience abroad helping animal welfare organization

Dark skinned man wearing glasses, beanie, and sweater cradles a sleeping black and white pug

Pets are family. Navigating a pet’s end of life care can present some of the most difficult decisions of a person’s life, and veterinary social workers can help guide pet owners through them.