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  • Tamene Melkamu, DVM, Dr. Med. Vet, ’10 PhD, St. Paul, died on Nov. 30 at age 59. Melkamu held several roles over the course of the 11 years he spent studying and working at the College of Veterinary Medicine, including serving as an assistant scientist, becoming one of the first trainees to be funded on the Comparative Medicine and Pathology T32 grant, and working as a research associate. After leaving the U, Melkamu worked for several years as a senior research scientist at Recombinetics, Inc. He is survived by his wife, Zewditu Gunja; five daughters; his parents; six siblings; and his extended and chosen family beyond.

    Issue: Fall 2021
  • Kari Searcy, ’12 DVM, Elko New Market, Minn., died May 25, 2020 at 33. Searcy was passionate about horses, and spent a year interning in Seattle, Wa., working primarily in equine medicine. Afterwards she went on to work in private practice in Prior Lake, Minn. She is survived by her parents, Randy and Barb Searcy; and brother, Ryan Searcy.