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Cheers to the years

  • CVM community members make a toast

    Cheers to the years

    College celebrates 75 years of advancing veterinary medicine with a grand get-together 

    CVM Dean Dr. Laura Molgaard leads an onstage toast to the College's 75th Anniversary during the May 8, 2023, celebration event program. 

The past, present, and future of the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) converged recently to mark a milestone 75 years in the making. 

In 1947, CVM opened its doors to the first class of veterinarians. In the years since, 5,000 veterinarians and nearly 1,000 scientists have graduated from its degree programs and have made their mark in veterinary medicine and beyond. The faculty and staff who stood beside them on their journeys also have made an impact all their own. 

The College recently hosted an event, held May 8 in downtown Minneapolis, to bring together members of the CVM community for a night of celebration that highlighted a history of innovation, work currently underway in the College, and the foundation both have built for future efforts to advance veterinary medicine. 

“This 75th anniversary has given us an opportunity to reflect on the college’s rich history of teaching, service, and research. But more importantly, it has allowed us to turn our eyes to the future,” CVM Dean Dr. Laura Molgaard told event guests. “There is so much to accomplish and we’re thrilled that you’re all partners in this work.”

(Left to right) Dr. Chris Stauthammer, Dr. Kelly Tart, Dr. Lauren Bernstein, Dr. Laura Molgaard, and Marc Schwabenlander gather at the Small Animal Medicine Discovery Station. 

CVM Dean Dr. Laura Molgaard (center) is joined onstage by special guests for a toast celebrating the College's 75th anniversary.

The Raptor Center volunteer Claire Palmer holds Lutsen the bald eagle at the center’s Discovery Station.

Dr. Perle Zhitnitskiy guides Enrique Rieger, ’82 PhD, through a virtual reality exercise at the Food Production Discovery Station. 

Lily Nefstead hugs Charlie, a miniature horse who underwent treatment for colic at Piper Equine Hospital and greeted guests at the Large Animal/Equine Discovery Station. 

Dr. Tiffany Wolf (center) talks with guests at the Ecosystem Health Discovery Station. 

Veterinary medicine graduate student Emma Persoon discusses her research infographic, “Genetics Behind Behavior in Service Dogs.”

(Left to right) Emilie Poss, Dr. Peter Poss, ’57 DVM, Steven Poss, and Marilyn Poss. 

Dr. Jody Lulich greets guests at the Minnesota Urolith Center Discovery Station. 

Marc Schwabenlander (left) and Peter Larsen speak with guests at the Ecosystem Health Discovery Station. 

(Left to right) Dr. Gordon Spronk, ’81 DVM, Karen Wetzell, and Dr. Tom Wetzell, ’77 DVM. 

The Raptor Center Executive Director Dr. Victoria Hall (left) stands with Dr. Patrick Redig, the center’s co-founder and first executive director, and Dr. Julia Ponder, the center’s second executive director. 

(Left to right) Drs. Michelle Ritt, Antonella Borgatti, and Eva Furrow.

University of Minnesota mascot Goldy Gopher pumps up the crowd during the CVM 75th Anniversary Celebration program. 

River City Rhythm plays during the 75th Anniversary Celebration event. 

Victoria Laven, a fourth-year DVM student, speaks during the celebration event program. 

Andrew Backman, a fourth-year DVM student, speaks about why he is pursuing a veterinary education. 

(Left to right) Dr. Mike Henson, Dr. David Brown, Dr. Catherine St. Hill, ’00 DVM, and Rosemary Klass. 

CVM Dean Dr. Laura Molgaard chats with guests during the 75th Anniversary Celebration event. 

(Left to right) Kathy Mottl, Dr. Larry Mottl, Tiffany Bergin, and Dr. Brady Bergin. 

(Left to right) Dr. Lindsay Merkel, Dr. Gary Goldstein ’84 DVM, Marsha Goldstein, and Dr. Jennifer Granick.

(Left to right) George Hagemann, Barb Hagemann, and Dr. Laura Molgaard. 

(Left to right) Kathy Ames, Dr. Trevor Ames, and Dr. John Howe, ’77 DVM. 

Maroon and gold balloons frame the University of Minnesota logo.

More than 300 alumni, donors, faculty, staff, and students attended the event and had the opportunity to interact with discovery showcases representing areas such as small animal medicine, equine/large animal medicine, food animal medicine, the Minnesota Urolith Center, the Minnesota Center for Prion Research and Outreach, The Raptor Center, and the Minnesota Veterinary History Museum. Two live animals—Lutsen, a bald eagle and Charlie, a miniature horse—were on hand to greet guests as part of their respective showcases. 

The event program also included an appearance by University of Minnesota mascot Goldy Gopher, music from River City Rhythm, remarks from Molgaard and current students, and a special video featuring well-wishes from CVM community members.   

“As I look forward to the next 75 years and beyond, I know that work happening today in our classrooms, laboratories, and clinics will set us up for continued success—no matter what challenges may come our way,” Molgaard says. 



Congratulations to the College of Veterinary Medicine on 75 years!
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