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Recent reunions

Our alumni are keeping their connections alive all year long. 



Class of 2008

The class of 2008 celebrated their 10-year reunion on Al & Alma’s boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka on September 1.








Class of 2003

The class of 2003 had their 15-year reunion on Al & Alma’s boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka on June 16.







Class of 1998

The class of 1998 gathered for their class reunion on campus on August 11. Tom Molitor, PhD, spoke to attendees about what has happened here at CVM in the last 20 years. Afterward, classmates enjoyed tours of the Veterinary Medical Center, The Raptor Center, and Leatherdale Equine Center. They also gathered for a picnic in the Livestock Pavilion. 

Class of 1968

The class of 1968 celebrated their 50-year reunion at Jerry and Carol Sprau’s farm in Elkton, Minn., on September 8. Of the 55 graduates, there were 26 in attendance, representing 54% of the living classmates. Through the generosity of the attendees and the graciousness of Jerry and Carol in providing a low-cost venue for the celebration, the group more than covered the expenses incurred and made a contribution of $600 to the Class of 1968 Bob Velure Memorial Scholarship Fund, which now has over $110,000.

Photos courtesy of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Relations

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Recent reunions