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  • Rudy's chances

    Labrador receives a second chance to thrive following a historic cardiac procedure.

Learn how our community has risen to the challenge in these disruptive times.

Combating COVID-19

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Bee Hanlon performing an operation on a dog

The CVM celebrates the trailblazers and advocates that made a way forward for women in the field of veterinary medicine.

Annie Roche with a horse
Issue: Fall 2020

Externships provide invaluable student training, even during a global pandemic

Car driving down a rural highway
Issue: Fall 2020

Podcast serves the swine industry’s continuing need for knowledge.

B. Robert Lewis illustration
Issue: Fall 2020

Learn more about the namesake of our small animal hospital.

A white and brown bull dog stands in a field of green grass with its pink tongue out
Issue: Fall 2020

Genetic data brings CVM researchers closer to targeted treatments for urinary stones in dogs—and humans.